Shop Settings

General 1. Choose “Show Status bar in home page” if you want to have Status Bar on Home Page 2. Choose “Password require for Employee to login” if you want when opening the Nail Salon POS app, Employee need to enter the password Default Commission Payment 1. Set up Default Commission Payment (Cash & Check) 2. Set up percentage between Cash & Check as you want to pay how many percent by cash (ex: 40%), how many percent by check (ex: 60%) when paid salary for your employee Tip Payment Period 1. Choose “Pay on Salary Period” if you want to pay the tip in salary by week, month… 2. Choose “Daily Pay” if you want to pay tip in salary by day Default Tip Split 1. Choose “Split tip by employee” (ex: 50%/50%…) if you want to default equal tip for all employees on the same ticket 2. Choose “Daily Pay Items” if you want to pay tip by amount of service for all employees on the same ticket Employee Receipt 1. Choose “Enable” and “Automatically after each payment” if you want the invoice of employee to be automatically printed at checkout 2. Choose “Disable” if you don’t want to have invoice of employee Default Discount Division Default will divide the discount amount for customer between owner and employee. Ex: owner 50%, employee 50%… Cash Drawer Security 1. Choose “No Password” if you want to open the Cash Drawer without a password 2. Choose “Password” if you want when open the Cash Drawer need to enter password Tap Save to finish and save the settings information Next step to set up information for Employee and Item in Inventory, Printer in Settings Employee 1. Tap Settings as instructed above 2. Tap Employee 3. Input name of Employee 4. Input salary pay rate, check/cash pay rate as you like 5. Tap Save to finish Item in Inventory 1. Tap Settings as instructed above 2. Tap Inventory 3. Tap Categories → Tap Item then input Turn & Supply 4. Tap Close to finish Printer 1. Tap Settings as instructed above 2. Tap Printer 3. Tap “+” button to set up your printer

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