III. Main functions

Home 1. Tap Home icon go to Home screen 2. Choose Name of employee 3. Choose Item 4. Tap “Add” to add the employee (if needed) 5. Choose an option: 5.1 Tap Save if you want to save for later then on Waitlist will be show all the tickets not pay yet 5.2 Tap Pay to get payment. You can choose the way to pay as full amount, split amount, custom mount by cash, credit cards, Gift card or Other 6. Tap Report to see reporting (password input is required). There are 3 options: Daily Report, Employee Daily Report or Clover Report 7. Tap Tips if you want to see and pay tip for employee (password input is required), input tip to change as 3 ways depend on Employee, Items, Manual 8. Tap Cash Drawer to open Cash Drawer 9. Tap Bank icon to close batch 10. Choose Ticket in Waitlist to edit and pay. If the ticket is not paid, will go to check-in screen to edit and pay ticket. If the ticket has been paid, you will see detail information as transaction, add and split tip, print ticket… Transaction Choose Transactions to check or review transactions, reprint, refund

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